Amrita TV’s   Kathayalla, Ithu Jeevitham   Brings Succor to Family Problems

Amrita TV’s Kathayalla, Ithu Jeevitham is a TV courtroom in which real life disputes and genuine conflicts arising in a family frame work are put forward, mediated and settled to the satisfaction of all concerned, through a presentation that has the all drama of  films while retaining the authenticity of  real life.

This  unconventional concept which has set new standards in social commitment  will be telecast
Monday - Friday 9.30 PM IST


Kathayalla, Ithu Jeevitham

Is a  first of its kind Real-Life Real-Time Show which brings together, on a common platform, conflict-ridden individuals, families, siblings, relatives who have shattered their lives fighting court battles over issues which seem to be irreconcilable. It is  a blunt and open discussion of every aspect of the conflict by the disputants and their families, under the mediating influence of the panel of experts and anchor .The expert council consists of famous advocates, eminent psychologists and dedicated social workers. 

Kathayalla, Ithu Jeevitham brings under its preview all the problems that sows the seeds of strife in a family: marital disharmony, dowry harassments, divorce cases, fraud, treachery, cheating, ownership disputes, gender discrimination, workplace victimization, paternity suits, cruelty, the problems of old age.

 Each case is resolved in 2 successive episodes, the first presenting the cause of the disaccord and discussing the dispute and the second ending with the resolution of the conflict.

The 1st episode opens with each complainants giving their version of the affair. Next the friends ,family and neighbors of each defendant lends the weight of their testimony to the arguments, occasionally resorting to legal clarifications from the expert panel, with the audience stating their evaluation of the case so that by the end of the episode every shade and subtlety of the case is made clear. This is followed by a round of counseling, mediation and negotiation by the anchor and expert panel comprising advocates, psychiatrists and social workers which takes place behind the scenes and is not telecast.

The second episode gives a detailed account of the final solution to the problem with reactions from the audience, tying up of the final loose ends if any and concluding with the formal signing of the agreement executed with the full consent of both the parties involved.

Each  case concludes with the resolution of the conflict  and the drawing up of an agreement, executed to the satisfaction of and with the full consent of both the parties involved, which will be stamped by KELSA .

Vidhubala who is anchoring  a TV show  for the 1st time, took up this assignment, moved by the altruistic and public spirited nature of the  project. Amrita TV will meet the travel, boarding, l odging expenses of the affected persons and their families who have come down from far flung corners of Kerala to participate in the show.

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Vidhubala, the charming heroine of the `1970s who bid farewell at the height of her career, comes back into center stage after a 25 year hiatus as the anchor/ moderator of the show.



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