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Alphons Joseph is an emerging  force in Malayalam Filmdom who is quietly re-drawing the profile of  movie playback music.  

A frontiersman in  the music world, he is at ease in realms that are ‘terra incognita’ to  other music directors, which is probably the outcome of his early training. He was initiated into the intricacies of Carnatic classical music by Mangad.K. Nadeshan ; later he moved over to London to learn Western Music Theory at the Trinity College of Music . The clear echoes of this formative influence reverberates in the music of his mature years, which is a perfect synthesis of the two different schools of music. He was Calicut University’s Kala Prathibha in 1990 & 1992– the official recognition nudged him in the direction of his natural talents and he decided to try his luck in the competitive world of  Music Direction . 

He got his first break in Bhadran’s Vellithira in which ‘Hridayasakhi’ won immediate attention. Other top Directors were quick to make use of  this budding talent : Sibi Malayil in Jalolsavam , Kamal in Manju Poloru Penkutty , Vinayan in Athishayan & Black Cat , Amal Neerad in Big B . The songs of Big B  notably ‘Vidaparukayano’ catapulted him into the big league of Music Directors.  

While many music directors fasten their attention entirely on the vocals and fill in the background score anyhow, Alphons is equally intent on the orchestration . Some of his compositions are so complex they are almost ‘symphonic’ in nature. He is not only holistic in his approach to composing, but also meticulous in his initial preparation. For his second film Jalolsavam, he stayed in Kuttanad for a  couple of weeks to soak up the ambience, so that he could transfer the feel of the place to his songs – a  move that paid off ,for he won the Film Critics Award for the song ‘Kera Nirakalaadum’ . 

Ravindran Master is rumored to have commented that Alphons is ‘a director to watch out for’. Whether it is  true or mere hearsay,  it seems certain that, in the approaching decades Alphons, will be a transforming influence, who will change the contours of the boundaries of Malayalam playback music.  

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