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Ever since the band's first performance at Chumadu Thangi Kavala (a well known town square) on 1st October 2016, this sensational band has convinced mankind that they are here to stay. Since then, they named this musical union as 'Chumadu Thangi', tagging the venue of their first ever stage as the name of the band.

What started out as camaraderie between seven musicians - Safeer, JR Varma, Sangeeth Vijayan, Sajan Kamal, Joji Joy, Jibin Christopher and Jerin Sam, soon paved way to their rise of fame as one of the most distinguished bands from the Capital City, Trivandrum.

Their unwavering passion for making soulful music can be seen in the genres that they have embraced, which includes Alternative Rock, Pop and Funk - all braided to create their own musical compositions.



Sangeeth Vijayan

Sangeeth Vijayan, another vocalist, though he wasn’t an official member during the band’s initial formation, his participation with Chumadu thangi was a crucial factor in creation of the band’s many own signature compositions. Sangeeth's excellence in spot composition was a complete game changer to the band.


Safeer V Jabbar

Safeer V Jabbar, vocalist and one among the founding members of Chumadu thangi. He developed his interest in music at a very young age. He is a self taught guitarist & has lend his voice to an upcoming movie named ‘Old is Gold’ which is yet to be released and has recorded many other album songs. His proficiency in rapping and custom compositions enables the band to stay unique and stay true to itself.


Jerin Sam

An experienced freelance bassist who started his career in 2013. A killer Bassist who had worked with bands like Amrutham Gamaya, Black Pepper and artists like Hariharan, Gopi Sundar, Alphonse, Gowry Lakshmi and so on. He sets his own signature along with the direction of the band’s music.


Sajan Kamal

  Sajan is one of the core members of Chumadu thangi and the keyboardist hailing from the Capital city Trivandrum. He has worked in various bands like Jesus Vox, Purple Blood, Peniel Band, Jaspers which gained good popularity among Gospel music scene and had worked with so many other artists. He also works as a Keyboard instructor. His hand skills on the keys cause vibrations in the listener’s soul.


Joji Joy

A native of Trivandrum, lead guitarist Joji takes the crowd along with. Having worked with Jaspers band, he has sculpted his path in the Music world. Played with so many Church Worships and gained a good recognition in Gospel music scene.


J. R. Varma

JR Varma is one of the founding member & percussionist at the musical sensation. Being born in a musical family background which had fame in the old Travancore times, he was drawn to music right from young age. From a long line of violinists he is the only member in his family who took on the mantle of percussion.

Sound Engineer

Aju Vijay


Nikhil Vijayan 


Jibin Christopher

Jibin Christopher, is the drummer from the capital city, Trivandrum. He started from a young age, playing for the church, and gained his ability to play different styles wonderfully. Working with Church worships and Jaspers band led him to the Independent music scene. This unique drummer influences the clan to step along with, as he keeps hitting!!