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We are an Ambient, Alternative Rock and Folk focused music band with 3 years of experience with talented artits, we have versatile covers, own compositions and instrumental fusions. We strictly focuses on the quality of our show more than anything. We have Live concerts, Wedding Shows, Unplugged Shows and Instrumental Fusions. We had achieved college band wars prices, Federal Bank Contests on our begining time. So far we have given good quality in the audience who put their hands tegether tn eheer us And we ensurre that we will en- tertain them and will make them satisfied by the show.


Vocalist & Guitarist

sachu raj bhaskar

He is the front man with experience of working in Malayalam film industry. 'Suvarna Purushan' is one of them.

He is a vocalist with a melodious voice that prefers semi classical and soft melody.


crispin netto

Have a background of 8 yeears experience in Music Band field.

Fourth grade guitarist with lots of techniques and creativity.

Also have perfect knowledge in Sound Engineering.


Vishal williamz

An Attitude Guitarist, Song writter and one of the co-founder

Have composed versatile songs for the band

Concentrated on Acoustic Guitar and Twelve String Guitar


Midhun Thambi

The bass man and crowd puller

Worked in various short films, music videos, and done lots of stage shows

Loves metal and Rock genre


Rahul P S

Energetic and rapid drummer who is known as the backbone of the band

Former state level winner for Kerala State Youth Festivel.

He is also a vocalist and percussionist.