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SHADOW TRAIL is a multi- Lingual progressive rock band based out of Bangalore. They follow the trail of music to carry the feelings, emotions, and reflections of their own selves and the society, They Let their music/ reflections to flow of its own. With their undisputable stage presence, enigmatic compositions along with covers of all time English, Hindi, Tamil and Malayalam songs.

SHADOW TRAIL has placed their mark in various avenues in and around the country naming Kanyathon 2K18 which was covered in TV9 Oktober fest Bangalore, Christ University, Bangalore, Rangoli Art and culture centre, Bangalore and many more including phoenix market city Chennai collaborating with the Bollywood cover Muraad filling in the rock flavor and many more.


Lead Guitarist

Kiran Rajagopal

Kiran RajagopaLis one among the founder members of Shadow Trail, Kiran started playing guitars in his early teens, and his passion for music made him explore the edges and shores of rock and metal music. He has performed in many popular and prestigious fests and venues in the country. He is an upcoming music composer and fled his guitar skills for many south Indian movie project.

Lead Vocalist

Nidhin Lal

Nidhin Lat is another founder member of Shadow Trait, He is intensely trained in Carnatic music right from childhood The journey took him to reality shows, play back singing for Malayalam and Tamil Movies, various individual albums and so on, His passion to follow his own trail of music have never subsided which turned out to be a reality through Shadow Trail.


Pruthvi Raj

The insanely talented rhythm mechanic Started his journey in the path of rhythm from childhood One of the renowned drummer in the path of rhythm from childhood One of the renowned drummer in the city, Played with Legends for Live and recordings. Pruthvi has been playing drums since 2011.

Bass Guitar (Session)

Ganesh Prasad

The bass boss Ganesh Prasad, Being rooted from a musically rich family, the man with magical fingers has never failed to impress people with his playing and the backbone of the team.  

Rhythm Guitarist

Manu K Pillai

The very talented versatile guitarist who stands as the strong pillar backing the power packed tracks of Shadow Trail. One of the Leading guitar tutors in Bangalore having more than 200 students across, who never fails to nail a Live scene.


Kishore C Tom

The cute killer keyboardist The most gentle and most creatively talented among the sum Performed in and around the country in countless stages and occasions A blessed musician by heart.