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Toto Club ia a synth rock band which focuses on connecting with the people through their soulful energy packed compositions and renditions of their cover songs which have their own unique sound.

The band was formed when like minded musicians randomly met at a show in Trivandrum and decided to set it ablaze.

It is one of the highlights that the cover songs which are beautifully renditioned into their signature style which will create a dynamic effect among the audience.



Anantha Narayanan

Based in Trivandrum

Completed Grade in Piano under the associate board of royal school of music, London

Worked in films, music albums, short films, and advertisements


tojan toby

Based in pathanamthitta

Graduate in Music from Swathi Thirunal Music Collage. Trivandrum

Worked in music albums, music festivals, and Malayalam movies.

Lead Guitarist

Shibu Joshua

Based in Trivandrum

Worked in so many bands in different genres

Worked in short films and music albums


Nekheeb Shah

Based in Kochi

Performed in channels like KappaTV and JeevanTV

Worked in music albums and music festivals


Abhijith nambiatt

Based in Kochi

Worked in many bands with different genres

Worked in films, advertisements, short films, and music albums