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JEEVADHARA - Sunday \ 7.30 AM  

The word Jeevadhara means the flow of life, it comes from the combination of two words "jeeva" which means "the breath of life" and "dhara" which means to pour .Jeevadhara is a program devoted to finding and enhancing the "flow of life" by seeking out people knowledgeable in Ayurveda the oldest and most comprehensive healthcare system known mankind.

The science of Ayurveda operates from the truth that nature is the ultimate healer of all diseases. The importance of plants as a gateway to this harmony is a primary subject of this program. Much of this information is at risk of being lost, this wisdom is only passed down from one generation to the next.

Jeevadhara is an entertaining way for viewers to keep in touch with this vast legacy of knowledge still in existence in Kerala today. Our anchor interviews many one of kind experts in the science of natural health care, many of which live in remote regions. This program gives viewers opportunity access information not available ordinarily to the public.'

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